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About who would win a duel between her, Dan and Rupert (2007): "A tricky one...umm..If I say me it's going to sound really arrogant, so it's going to have to be one of the boys. Then if I pick eather one of them, then I'm going to be in trouble with the other one. So basically I just can't win, therefore..I have decided it would be a draw."

Emma Talks about her Met Gala Dress


Emma Watson talks with CNN Style host Derek Blasberg about her Met Gala dress made of recycled and sustainable materials, and her decision last year to only wear sustainable fashion on the red carpet.

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3 Responses to “Emma Talks about her Met Gala Dress”

  1. Stylz says:

    She pretty ! Should keep the hair middle neck – not long hair and red lipstick – too sharp , eye lash it looks perfect.

  2. Fernando says:

    Nice,what a smile Emma has! Love it when she has a smile like that,I’m glad she still throws a wink at us once and awhile! I have to mention about them eyes,wow,when they sparkle they sparkle! Thanks Dooks!

  3. Sweet_rose says: