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About alleviating poverty through fashion (2010): "As someone who is very interested in fashion and has been doing a lot with the fashion world recently, I thought it was a really amazing idea to try to alleviate poverty through such a strong industry and it's something fun as well. Rather than giving to charity, this gives people the means to fight their way out of poverty themselves with dignity. It gives them the chance to work. It gives them their pride."

Emma is a Rebel Belle in Vanity Fair

In the cover story for Vanity Fair, Emma Watson discusses growing up in the limelight with the associated highlights and perils (paparazzi, stalkers), reading (her refuge, and inspiration), and finally feeling like she has “made that transition into being a woman” while filming Beauty and the Beast.

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5 Responses to “Emma is a Rebel Belle in Vanity Fair”

  1. Kim says:

    Okay, that video was super weird and I fricken love it.

  2. susang bhatt says:

    nice video what a move they did & of course Emma looks beautiful in specially in first pic.

  3. Ross Taggart says:

    Very VF and all the better for it. Article was very good.

  4. Jerry says:

    Emma is the best! She’s so beautiful, wonderful,… Love her! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Emma,i am a fan since the beginning of your career. I was convinced that you would be doomed to a great future. I was right and i am proud of you.

    For this story of pictures, do not listen women who tell that you are a kind of traitor. You are not!

    Be a feminist is not follow the line of these frustrated women. Your definition is the good one. You decide, you do want you think good and nobody has to tell you what to do.

    These pictures was not porny, it is art. I give you my all my support. If you agree, i want to open a Facebook profile for support you.


    Daniel Pelletier.

    N.B.: sorry for my English, it is awfull but i do my best.