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About alleviating poverty through fashion (2010): "As someone who is very interested in fashion and has been doing a lot with the fashion world recently, I thought it was a really amazing idea to try to alleviate poverty through such a strong industry and it's something fun as well. Rather than giving to charity, this gives people the means to fight their way out of poverty themselves with dignity. It gives them the chance to work. It gives them their pride."

Happy 27th Birthday Emma!


Click on the image above to view the birthday card in PDF format, then check out the audio and video files below.


Audio by Christophe (Belgium)


Music video by Mara (Germany)


Birthday messages from Jai (a big big fan!, 9 years old from UK) and Rahel (Germany)


A birthday message from Bhargav (India)


A music video by Nidhi


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13 Responses to “Happy 27th Birthday Emma!”

  1. Aakriti says:


  2. Ashley says:

    Happy birthday Emma Watson love you by the way my name is Ashley Andrea Peterson your fan but call me Ashley because I am Ashley you play Belle pretty good I like new movie Beauty and the beast you have beautiful voice

  3. Criselda morales says:

    Happy birthday emma watson!enjoy your day! My birthday’s coming on april 29 i only wish to see you and i’m your biggest fan!! Again! HAPPY HAPPY birthday! Wishing you to have another movies so i can watch and see you again! Stay beautiful and talented ❤

  4. Cemal says:

    Happy Birthday Emma,Have a nice day :).

  5. Phillip says:

    Happy Birthday Princess!!! <3

  6. Vatsall Jariwala says:

    Sorry Can I get reason that why aren’t you show my Card. Don’t worry I’m just asking for this.

    • dook says:

      Hello Vatsall. I did include 2 of your cards and your message. Many people sent their birthday wishes after the deadline and I was rushed trying to include everything. I guess I may have been confused and thought I had already added the third one. I’m sorry.

  7. Patrick says:

    In the Birthday Card, there is someone named Christian, and he has a T-Shirt. On the front, you can see one of Emma’s Quotes. Can someone tell me where I can get this T-Shirt?

    • dook says:

      I don’t know for sure but I would guess he had it made. There are shops, and online, where you can design your own t-shirts.

  8. jennyemmafan says:

    She just tweeted and no thanks what so ever for birthday wishes – I suggest we give up and grow up a bit now from doing this and focus on a charity or charities around her birthday. She doesn’t care what we do for her.

  9. jennyemmafan says:

    emma didn’t even acknowledge us this time

    why bother again?

  10. Haritha says:

    I only wish to see YOU Emma Watson!

  11. Harry Potter Fan says:

    My message did not get included. Reason? I am not wanting to hurt you.