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To the fans waiting at the premiere in Leicester Square: "Hello! Thank you so much for standing out in the rain, thank you so much! It's amazing!"

Gallery and New Partnership with IHeartWatson

We have formed a new partnership with, joining forces you might say to better serve Emma’s fans. As part of this collaboration we are linking to their image gallery. Many of you have complained about our lack of a gallery for several years. I had hoped to bring our gallery back but things just haven’t worked out. IHW is a long running site with similar values to us so I believe this will work well for both sites and the fans.

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5 Responses to “Gallery and New Partnership with IHeartWatson”

  1. Ashley says:

    This is amazing Emma Watson I like it a lot

  2. D_One says:

    Congratulations on your new partnership,!
    The Gallery now looks pretty awesome!
    I can see you´re sharing the forum too.. well done 🙂
    How is this going to work now? Are we going to see you posting news with them, and they will do it here, dook?

  3. Ian says:


  4. Nizamuddin says:

    Hi im Nizamuddin from Afghanistan i am the biggest fan of emma watson i just want see her in live and just talk to her for 1 minute only but i can’t coz im in Afghanistan with no money to travel to united kingdom to see her if it’s possible so pls pls tell her that i want to have a little conversation with her if she accepted she can massege me on my email that you soo much or maybe can you give me his social media address that i can reach her pls thanks

  5. Thessalie says:

    Such a great idea!
    I wish the best for this collab. Great news !