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About why she decided to work with People Tree (2010): "Girls I've spoken with are as conscientious as ever, yet there's so little ethical clothing out there for people my age. In a way, I did it for me because I couldn't find what I wanted in stores," says Emma. "This collection reflects my casual side, the stuff I'd wear to class. The cuts are sexier than most sustainable brands. I'm a perfectionist, so I couldn't sleep if something wasn't exactly the way I wanted."

Emma at Wimbledon

Emma Watson attended the men’s finals of the Wimbledon Tennis Championship on Sunday in a nice summer dress by Ralph Lauren.

More photos can be seen here.

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7 Responses to “Emma at Wimbledon”

  1. Kitty says:

    She looks great in these two days at Wimbledon! My favourite celebrity at my favourite tennis tournament! Hope it was Roger Federer in the court though.

  2. Agent Phil says:

    As usual, flawless Princess Emma!!! <3

  3. D_One says:

    I knew you’d post this dook
    I hope you can find more pictures..
    Thanks a lot. Emma looks so elegant, beautiful & mature.
    Glad to get news about her again thru this site.

  4. Ashley says:

    You dress like cowgirl Emma Watson and I like it you look like princess

  5. Atara says:

    Hi one day I hope to meet you in person you are my role model in life and words can’t even describe it love you so much Emma Watson

  6. susang Bhatt says:

    Looks ammazingley well like fairy who lives in the world of stats.

  7. Léa Rodrigues says:

    Hi Emma Watson, or mrs watson…? Oh I don’t know, i am Léa Rodrigues and I love you very much because you are very pretty and really good with people!
    Sorry I did not introduce myself, I’m lea, I’m 14, I’m French like you and I live in Argenteuil (near Paris) …
    I would like to be so like you! you are my idole!
    I would love to talk to you really! Is it possible to meet on the internet (on a video call for example?)
    i really admire emma watson!
    I saw all the Harry Potter movies at least 10 times and I read all the books (even the 8th) at least 3 times!
    in my room I have lots of pictures of you!
    on the other hand sorry for my English, I can not speak very very well …
    kisses, Lea. ❤️