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About JK Rowling and Hermione (2007): "JK Rowling based the character on herself, so obviously she will have had a very strong idea of how she would develop, but maybe I have played a small part in the way she is growing up. It would be very flattering if I had. But I think that naturally I am so like Hermione anyway. J K Rowling has been really lovely and very supportive of the films - she comes on set and she is in e-mail contact with a lot of us. She just said to me, "You are Hermione, you have completely become her," which was just so nice and so generous of her.'"

15 Reasons to Love Emma



Emma Watson turns 29 this month!


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5 Responses to “15 Reasons to Love Emma”

  1. Ashley says:

    You are my favorite actress in Beauty and the Beast and you have amazing voice and face and I can wait to watch your movie little women

  2. D-One says:

    Dook, Emma is not only turning 29 this month but this coming monday!!
    Are you going to publish here the best wishes of the fans this year?
    I remember when she was 9 years old… 20 years ago… oh my… I’m getting old…

    • dook says:

      Hi D-One. I think most people have lost interest in doing the projects. You are only the second person who has asked about it. Maybe it is time to stop?

      • D-One says:

        I don’t know what to say dook… I just feel sad of knowing the projects are now gone… 🙁
        I knew this point eventually would be reached but I was hoping it never happen…
        Will you still celebrate Emma’s birthday every year here? Will the site still be around for a while?

        • dook says:

          I am sad too. We’ve been doing projects since Emma was 16. When we started, hundreds of people would take part, over 1000 in the first few. Now it is only a handful. I find that sad too.

          We will certainly celebrate her birthday with a post here, and twitter and facebook, and I hope people will comment with their birthday wishes for Emma. I will also invite people to send in graphics and such and I will add them to the post, so it will be like a project, just not put together in a pdf file.

          Years ago someone asked here how long I would keep the site open. My answer is still as long as people show they want it. And after that I don’t think I would ever close it, just keep it as an archive. I would hate for the domain to become some crappy site with a bunch of ads and clickbait.