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About David Yates directing OotP (2007): "He was perfect for this. I don't know if he could have directed any of the other ones. This was his story to tell. He's quiet, thoughtful, sensitive. Mike (Newell, director of Goblet of Fire) would sit in his chair and yell at us, or stand up and just be very loud and British. Whereas David will think for a bit, he'll come over, speak a few words, keep it to a minimum. The thing that always comes up with David is finding truth in the characters, truth in the performance, make it real."

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from all of us at



Time to look forward to a new year, and reflect on the year that has passed.


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3 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Ashley says:

    Happy New year Emma Watson I hope you make another movie

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