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About how people react to her fame (2007):"I've had people be funny with me, but never seriously nasty. More like people not knowing how to act around me and it coming off in an unfriendly way. But I don't tend to confront people, I just hope the longer they're around me, the more they see how much I'm like everyone else, and the awkward feeling will go."

October Calendar

Our October calendar by Elena.


If you would like to send in calendars I will post them on the site and select one as our calendar of the month. The size of the calendar should be 1024×768 or larger. Widescreen is also allowed. Calendars should be in a common graphics format such as jpg, tiff, gif or png. Please include the text “”. It should be mostly original work, and images used should be respectful of Emma’s privacy. Send them to before the last day of the month.

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One Response to “October Calendar”

  1. Hermione says:

    You look so stylish and beautiful!
    You come in so many characters and that is the one of most amazing things about you.
    You came in a character like Hermione or Bell, and sometimes you came in a character like lena(I don’t know that is right name because I’ve never seen Colonia).
    you really are amazing, Emma. and you really are a wonder.
    I’ll wish you luck with all my heart, so, please have a good month!