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About OotP (2007): "This film is closely related to the current situation. Somehow it talks about life after July 7 (London bombings in 2005), the way people behave when they're scared, the way truth is often denied and all the things our society has to face. Facing the fact that the authority is corrupted means having a non-conformist approach to reality and power."

December Calendar

Our December calendar by Elena.


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2 Responses to “December Calendar”

  1. Hermione says:

    Ooh! I like this picture of you especially!
    It’s refreshing, and also feels clear and cool!
    I like your dress, and the gold snowflake. it’s beautiful!(but not beautiful as you, that’s for sure!)
    I think this picture of you is very stylish and original.
    And it’s very regrettable that I can’s press ‘like’ button in your facebook
    because I don’t know my mom’s password(?).
    I’ll just have to be satisfied by leaving this comment.
    I’ll wish you luck and happiness always!
    I love you sincerely, Emma!

  2. Said says:

    Hi Emma I wish you all the success always, I’m from Morocco I’ve wrote a fantasy story and would like to transform it into a movie if there is any help support or adaptation I’ll be glad to corporate with you it’s one of my dreams.