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About fast fashion and Fair Trade (2010): "It's important to differentiate between fast fashion which is made very quickly for a very small price and Fair Trade fashion. Which means that if you buy a t-shirt which costs £2-3, you just have to do the math and work out how much the person who made it is being paid? So, Fair Trade fashion is still reasonably priced but allows the person who made it to earn a decent living and to be able to feed and take care of their families. It gives them enough money to live with dignity. I'm not saying that everything I wear will be Fair Trade from now on or that I'm an organic purist, it's just a great option and one I always try to make if available. I just try to ask more questions about where the garment comes from. I want to make good choices. I just think it's good to have Fair Trade fashion in the high street."

December Calendar

Our December calendar by Elena.


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2 Responses to “December Calendar”

  1. Hermione says:

    Ooh! I like this picture of you especially!
    It’s refreshing, and also feels clear and cool!
    I like your dress, and the gold snowflake. it’s beautiful!(but not beautiful as you, that’s for sure!)
    I think this picture of you is very stylish and original.
    And it’s very regrettable that I can’s press ‘like’ button in your facebook
    because I don’t know my mom’s password(?).
    I’ll just have to be satisfied by leaving this comment.
    I’ll wish you luck and happiness always!
    I love you sincerely, Emma!

  2. Said says:

    Hi Emma I wish you all the success always, I’m from Morocco I’ve wrote a fantasy story and would like to transform it into a movie if there is any help support or adaptation I’ll be glad to corporate with you it’s one of my dreams.