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About the end of HP (2011): "Change is always scary, but I feel very excited, and I feel like I'm entering a new chapter and getting a fresh start. I'm looking forward to just being a normal young woman again. It has been quite hard and pressured making the Harry Potter films. I'm so happy to be out having fun with my friends. It will be nice to take a break and step back a bit. It'll be the first time I'll be able to look back and properly enjoy the success we've all had. It's been incredible."

February Calendar

Our February calendar by Elena.


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3 Responses to “February Calendar”

  1. Hermione says:

    Wow! black-and-white picture looks good, too!
    And you look pretty and beautiful as always.
    I really respect you, Emma!
    Because you have an attraction of your own (I have lots of reasons besides this, but that’s the big reason;unique attraction!).
    So please, always remember everything about you is one of your charm!