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About Hermione (2005): "It feels sometimes I don't really have to act anymore, as I'm so close to her and know her so well. And there's so much of me in her, and her in me that, it feels I'm barely doing anything sometimes. So, I think it's been wonderful and I'm very fond of Hermione's character and I think that she's turned into someone that a lot of people can identify with and I think she's a great role model."

February Calendar

Our February calendar by Elena.


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3 Responses to “February Calendar”

  1. Hermione says:

    Wow! black-and-white picture looks good, too!
    And you look pretty and beautiful as always.
    I really respect you, Emma!
    Because you have an attraction of your own (I have lots of reasons besides this, but that’s the big reason;unique attraction!).
    So please, always remember everything about you is one of your charm!