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About who would win a duel between her, Dan and Rupert (2007): "A tricky one...umm..If I say me it's going to sound really arrogant, so it's going to have to be one of the boys. Then if I pick eather one of them, then I'm going to be in trouble with the other one. So basically I just can't win, therefore..I have decided it would be a draw."

May 2014 Calendar


Congratulations to Christian, our winner for the May Calendar Competition!



Honorable mentions to Armand, AnnCharlie, Jia and Monika. Thank you to everyone that entered, and thank you to those who voted. All the competition entries can be viewed here.


May Calendar Vote

Voting for the May calendar is now open.

Remember, you only get to vote one time. Do not vote multiple times from different emails, and do not ask your friends to come and vote on your calendar. Let’s keep the competition fair.

Please make sure you write your choices in the order you like them. Your favorite should be first, then next favorite, etc.

  1. View the calendars here. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger preview image. Take your time, make sure you scroll all the way to the end and check out all the calendars.
  2. Choose your favorite 5 calendars, and write down their numbers in order, from best to 5th place. You don’t have to choose 5, you can vote for just one if you like, but you can vote for 5.
  3. Send your vote in an email to or in a PM to me on the forums to dookdookdook.

Voting is open through May 1, 00:00 GMT.

Emma at the Boulevard Premiere

Emma Watson attended the premiere of friend Roberto Aguire’s latest film Boulevard at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York on Sunday.

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May Calendar Competition

The May Calendar Competition is now open.

  • The size of the calendar should be at least 1024×768. Higher resolutions are good. Widescreen is also allowed.
  • Calendars must be in a common graphics format such as jpg, tiff, gif or png.
  • It must have and May and it should have the dates. It should be mostly original work, and images used should be respectful of Emma’s privacy.
  • The deadline to submit calendars is April 27.
  • No more than 3 entries per person please. Please send entries to

Regression Begins Filming

Emma Watson celebrated her birthday by going back to work. Regression began filming on Tuesday in Toronto and Emma appears in costume in these photos from the set.

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Happy 24th Birthday Emma!


Behind the Scenes of Emma’s Elle Cover

In this behind the scenes look at her Elle cover shoot Emma Watson talks about Noah, a non-genius moment, her past characters and her excitement of graduating in May. The April issue of Elle is still on sale.

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In this interview Emma talks about the inspiration for the Elle photoshoot, and the emotional impact of Noah.

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And a final reminder about our birthday project for Emma. We will accept your messages etc. as long as we can, but get them in Saturday to be sure they are included.


On the London Red Carpet for Noah

In these red carpet interviews Emma Watson talks about getting the role of Ila in Noah, filming, working with the cast, kissing scenes and the Little Mermaid rumor. *SPOILERS*

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Emma and Douglass Booth appeared on the Lorraine show in the morning.

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April 2014 Calendar


Congratulations to Salman, our winner for the April Calendar Competition!



Honorable mentions to Tomas, Atif, Monika and Henny. Thank you to everyone that entered, and thank you to those who voted. All the competition entries can be viewed here.


Emma at the London Premiere of Noah

Emma Watson attended the UK premiere of Noah today at the Odeon Leicester Square in London along with Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winstone, Logan Lerman and Douglas Booth. Emma wore a white Ralph Lauren Collection dress and Jimmy Choo shoes. Noah opens in the UK this Friday.

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