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About the photoshoot she did with Karl Lagerfeld (2009):"I'd met Karl a few times before, at parties or something where we really couldn't talk. But this was a dream come true. We spent the whole day together, and he can talk about anything-literature, art, science, modern culture. I was totally seduced. I felt spoiled to be spending so much time with him."

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Noah New York Red Carpet Interviews

In these red carpet interviews from the New York premiere of Noah, Emma talks about auditioning for the role of Ila, her choice of premiere dress and dancing with Russell Crowe.


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Emma wore Erdem to the afterparty.

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How would Emma entertain herself on an ark?

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Emma at the New York Premiere of Noah

Emma Watson attended the US premiere of Noah at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York earlier today.

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Emma hijacked MTV’s twitter and posted images of her day, from getting ready to stepping out to party.

“Tonight’s the night! Welcome to my MTV Twitter takeover!”

Florence the bunny rabbit is helping me get ready today!

Florence the bunny rabbit is helping me get ready today!

Say hi to Team Watson !

Say hi to Team Watson !

Hey there NYC

Hey there NYC

Cinderella slippers for tonight's ball

Cinderella slippers for tonight’s ball

Decisions, decisions...

Decisions, decisions…

Jewels on jewels

Jewels on jewels

I did NOT wake up like this!

I did NOT wake up like this!

Off to the after party in my @ErdemRTW to celebrate! Thanks for following and thanks MTV xx

Off to the after party in my @ErdemRTW to celebrate! Thanks for following and thanks MTV xx

Couldn't have survived today without...

Couldn’t have survived today without…

Emma on the Late Show

Emma Watson was a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman today. Emma talked about her character Ila in Noah (SPOILERS), filming the movie, Aronofsky’s adaption of the bible story, and watching herself on the big screen.

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Emma’s arrival at the Ed Sullivan theater.

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More from LA

Emma Watson in a photocall for Noah.


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And another interview

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Noah Interviews from LA Press Junket

Interviews from the LA press junket for Noah.

Some content is repeated in the following videos, but each has something different.

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Emma on the Ellen Show

Emma was a guest today on The Ellen Show. Emma talks about her experience at the Oscars, her upcoming graduation from Brown, filming Noah, and her many journals that she keeps. Then Ellen and co-host Jason Bateman present her with a special gift. There are some scenes from the movie, so close your eyes for that part if you don’t want spoilers.

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A Birthday Card for Emma


Every year creates a birthday project as a way for fans to share their feelings and show their support for Emma. A simple birthday card has been the best way that lets the most people participate, so that is what we are doing again this year. You can send in birthday messages, art work, poems, stories, photos or anything else you can think of to say Happy Birthday. We’ll try to include everything. The finished card will be posted online.

Emma’s 24th Birthday Project


Emma Chats Live with Fans


Emma Watson took to Twitter today for a live chat with fans. For an hour Emma answered questions ranging from Noah and Regression to hair and her inspirations. Emma began the chat with a selfie tweeting “Fire away!!“.

Christian @ChrisRobPl
@EmWatson Noah is a unique film what do you think that is so special about it and what makes it different compare to other films? #AskEmma

Emma Watson @EmWatson
.@ChrisRobPl Noah is ABOUT something AND is entertaining. It’s original. Immensely creative. Inspiring. Genuinely thought provoking.

Camp Half Tribute @IsraeliTribute
@EmWatson #AskEmma what do you love about Noah’s movie story? And about your character?

Emma Watson @EmWatson
.@IsraeliTribute Ila is incredibly relatable and vulnerable but also strong, wise and brave.I love that she had so many different dimensions

Georgia Jai @GeorgiaJai
@EmWatson Which animal would you have put on the ark first? #AskEmma #Noah

Emma Watson @EmWatson
.@GeorgiaJai a cat. : )

Brady Reed @Bradwhy_Reed
What was your favorite moment on set of Noah? #AskEmma

Emma Watson @EmWatson
.@Bradwhy_Reed Seeing the arc for the first time.When @DouglasBooth fell asleep mid take. Seeing a real rainbow in Iceland.


ThangO @TweetingThang
@EmWatson in 3 words can you describe your character? #AskEmma #noah

Emma Watson @EmWatson
.@TweetingThang Humble. Brave. Strong.

Gavin @highlyevolv3d
@EmWatson what drew you to the role of Ila in #Noah ? Was it the director? Cast? Script? The character? Or all of the above? #AskEmma

Emma Watson @EmWatson
.@highlyevolv3d ALL OF THE ABOVE

Juan Pablo Cerdan @jpcvettel06
@EmWatson how was your cast and crew chemistry while shooting noah? #AskEmma

Emma Watson @EmWatson
.@jpcvettel06 @DouglasBooth is a great friend of mine.@LoganLerman & I had worked together. @russellcrowe was incredibly warm and supportive

♡rachel♡ @rraaychee
What should your fans expect in “Noah”? #AskEmma

Emma Watson @EmWatson
.@rraaychee You’ll come out breathless.

Mariana Espíndola @Mariana_gde
What was it like working with Russell Crowe? #askemma @EmWatson

Emma Watson @EmWatson
.@Mariana_gde @russellcrowe is a great actor. Working one on one with him was one of the richest experiences I have ever had as an actress.

Its real for us⚡️❤️ @Orderofpotter
If you could give any piece of advice to an aspiring actor what would it be #AskEmma @EmWatson

Emma Watson @EmWatson
.@Orderofpotter EMPATHY. To be a great actor I think you need to be a great listener. You’ve got to care about people.

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New Noah Stills, Interview and On Set Footage

New stills from Noah have been released. In these two Emma Watson is seen with Anthony Hopkins and Douglas Booth. In the videos below Emma talks about her character Ila and Shem, and working with Darren Aronofsky, Russel Crowe and Jennifer Connelly. There are some mild spoilers when she discusses some plot points. The second video has b-roll footage from the movie set, and also includes some spoilers. Thanks to snitchseeker for these.


hr_Noah_21 hr_Noah_22



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