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About returning as Hermione for the two last HP movies (2007): "I could never let Hermione go -- she is my hero! I love her too much and love what playing her has meant to me. I am excited and honoured to be finishing what I started and playing her in all seven of the films."

Emma donates her DKNY to charity // 1 March 2008

Emma has donated a “favorite old DKNY waistcoat” and a new DKNY t-shirt along with a signed letter to the charity for auction on eBay. Click here to bid. Rupert Grint has donated a jacket which he wore at the GoF premiere. Thanks to for the tip.

Sense is a national charity that has supported and campaigned for children and adults who are deafblind for over 50 years. We provide specialist information, advice and services to deafblind people, their families, carers and the professionals who work with them. We run services across England, Wales and Northern Ireland and employ 2,000 people most of whom work in services directly with deafblind people. Our patron is HRH The Princess Royal. Visit

More news:

Emma is #28 on Entertainment Weekly’s 30 Under 30 list, their choice of the top 30 actresses under 30. Dan is #29 on the actor list. Thanks to everyone who let us know.

And we have scans of an article about Emma’s Chanel wardrobe from the Mexican magazine Popcorn thanks to HarryPotterLA.


Wolf Spirit sent us this translation:
“Unlike most girls her age, Emma Watson has perfectly clear the style for which she wants to be remembered and that’s non other than Chanel. Yes, the young English 17 year old girl, born in France, who jumped to stardom portraying Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies attends all her events wearing designs from the exclusive brand. A great choice, since not only does she manage to look to always look elegant but she also keeps her youthful image with the classic touch that has always distinguished Chanel. And that’s why just because you’re a teenager it doesn’t mean you can’t dress with glamour”.

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34 Responses to “Emma donates her DKNY to charity // 1 March 2008”

  1. Sterre says:

    Yay first! that's so cool, thnx for posting!

  2. Alin says:

    SECOND lool!!!! Well the scan is great and its cool to know that Emma donated some things to help poeple… she is great and she loves her fans all he likes to help all so thx Emma…. hope some day i will see you !!!! 😆 😉

  3. Taras says:

    THIRD 😡 and I'm still waiting for my scans to be posted, well they are not actually my scans. I found them on a various sites. Have a great day to all of you!!!

  4. *hpfan* says:

    *fourth* wow thats really good of emma to donate 🙂 yeah i luuuv her style….she sounds like such a nice person… 🙂

  5. Dan says:

    Would be really cool to have something of Emma's . Wish she would put up her Wand for auction , … .

  6. Marion says:

    i can't wait for paparazzi pictures of Emma that t-shirt wasn't her if I interpret the text write but the waist coat? the combination looks so great

  7. frederique says:

    hey marion… hope youre not waiting for papz pics over here: there are no private or papz pics in

  8. A.v says:

    LoL! her DKNY waistcoat is only going for E14.50 i thought it be in the hundreds… Congrats to Emma on making the list! 😛 🙂

  9. Taras says:

    @A.v: and what do you say now, the coat is over 105 and there are still 5 days left, so I won't wonder, if it goes for 10.000… that is the beauty of auctions, you'll never know who you are dealing with. 😛 @Emma: I'm really fond of you. You are nice person, so don't let people spoil you 🙂

  10. !Federica! says:

    well done EMMA! you're a beautiful person! my compliments to you! 🙂

  11. kiakkia says:

    cool new…thanks she was so nice ^^

  12. twi says:

    so emma was born in france or oxford?

  13. Kristina says:

    It's awesome that she's on the thirty under thirty people, but they said that she's 18, and they should at least get her age right if they're going to put her on there. 😡

  14. AshleyLovesEmma says:

    Awesome! So sweet of her! 🙂

  15. frederique says:

    TWI: she was borned in France (paris) and lived there for abot five years. Then she moved to oxfordshire in England.

  16. EmmaRocksSocks says:

    Oh, yes! I love it when she does something like this; it just makes me like her all the more.

  17. Klaudia says:

    Where's the new calendar?

  18. sarah says:

    Emma is such a nice and good person!! The best actress in the world!!

  19. Elizabeth Darcy says:

    😆 am so happy em donated clothes/letter 4 tht charity Sense!she's marvellous.i like the chanel article too…did anyone notice emma's handwriting?my!it changed a lot over d yrs…i gotta ask my friend-handwriting analyist to decipher tht 4 me! 😉

  20. emma says:

    WOW, HOW COOL!! Currently going for £215! 😆

  21. Anna says:

    can anyone see what emma is writing? 😛

  22. izi says:

    hey guys is true thet johnny borrell was dating emma? 😕

  23. dook says:

    izi, no, it is not true. Emma was not, and is not, dating borrell.

  24. Evie says:

    The Popcorn Magazine says the right thing about Emma. She's a teenager yet, but it doesn't stop her to wear glamours outfits 🙂

  25. izi says:

    dook how do u know thet? well it said her parents dont want her to love him 😕 well the name of article was forbidden love of emma watson… dook are u her father?

  26. dook says:

    izi, Emma has said on her site that she was not dating borrell. The articles that say she is are false. The articles that say her parents told her not to see him are also false.

  27. Monica says:

    Her handwriting looks JUST like my friend Ashley's. Random thought of the day… 😛

  28. Taras says:

    £ 310 at the moment 🙂

  29. Lindy says:

    Neato! 😉 I luv the "Favorite old DKNY waistcoat" it looks amazing!!! 😛

  30. Sponge Shadows says:

    Emma should sell her recent sexy shoes (Vanity Fair Portraits event), it would go for lot of $$$ lol with all the fetish fans around 😆

  31. Sini says:

    What does the message say? I ca't read it…

  32. Ron says:

    Dear Emma You are a very beauful and Hot&Sexy young woman don't let anybody change you just keep on being you… you are a very good actor to ilike watching you tv i wish they would make more Harry movie i do enjoy them. Love ya

  33. astap says:


  34. astap says:

    😥 astap has killed himself….. 😥