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Emma at Museum of Modern Art Film Benefit

Emma Watson attended the 2016 Museum Of Modern Art Film Benefit – Tom Hanks: A Tribute at the Museum of Modern Art in New York on Tuesday. MoMA honored Tom Hanks for being “an enduring star and a steadfast screen presence for more than 30 years. Embodying the decent, hardworking American “everyman” since the early days of his career, Hanks is equally capable in screwball comedies, action films, and award-winning dramas. Beyond his many acting accomplishments—including two Academy Awards—he has stepped behind the camera as director and producer of several acclaimed film and television projects. His versatility often leads to comparisons with such screen icons as James Stewart, Cary Grant, and Jack Lemmon.”

Emma co-stars with Hanks in The Circle due out next April.

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6 Responses to “Emma at Museum of Modern Art Film Benefit”

  1. Ian says:

    Oh, The Circle’s out in April? That’s the first time I’ve heard that!

  2. Aakriti says:

    Congratulations Tom Hanks!!!

  3. mb says:

    Seeing her outfits I think her stylist is her greatest enemy. What happend to the beautiful Emna of the past? She runs around and it looks like her dtylist wants to make a joke out of her….

  4. DAn says:

    Mmm que linda. Princesa te adoro y te admiro mucho por tu gran talento. Baby

  5. Amrit says:

    Hi Emma

    Ich möchte dich sehr gerne kennen lernen.Ich hoffe du schreibst mir zurück. Ich bin zwar nur ein kleiner Mensch ,dafür der größte Fan auf der ganzen Welt. Ich bin erst 11,aber habe schon alle Filme von dir geschaut.

    Mit lieben Gruß,

  6. ivram says:

    thank you Emma watson for inspiring me everyday! ! ! been watching your candid interviews in the past and it really makes my day completed ! ! ! thanks em