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Calendar Competition Comes to an End

After more than 10 years and over 3700 entries our calendar competition is ending. Interest has been waning over the past year and this month only two people sent in entries. I am sad about this, but I think it’s time.

Thank you to all who sent in calendars over the years. Some of you entered many times, some only once, but I hope you all enjoyed the competition. I also want to thank the people who took the time to vote, especially a handful of you who have voted every month for years.



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29 Responses to “Calendar Competition Comes to an End”

  1. Jerry says:

    Emma, you’re the magic itself 😉

  2. JB says:

    this is very sad

  3. Mengqiu says:

    This is really sad.
    Thank you for what you have done for this activity in the past 10 years.

  4. Ian says:

    That’s a shame. 🙁

  5. Deborah says:

    Really really sad. The end of an era.

  6. Nidhi says:

    Nooooooo don’t end it isn’t there any other way of continuing it

    I enjoyed every month of it I had so much fun voting,entering and sometimes winning it
    It was AMAZING!!! Thanku to all who voted and took part to make this competition even more interesting
    I will miss it every month!!

  7. Arnoud says:

    The end of the calender competition, or how fan sites have died a slow death since the march of social networks 🙁

  8. Michael says:

    That’s sad but understandable.
    Thank you that you made this competition possible for the last ten years. I’ll miss it.

  9. Iris says:

    Yeah I wish there was something we could to to make the site more alive again. Have to admit I don’t visit that ofton anymore, because other Emma site/social media have quicker and more news. 🙁 But I visit every once in a while because I’ve loved this site for over ten years!

    • Thessalie says:

      I feel the same, I do the same. I’ve been here since about 2007 or 2008, this website is really special to me even though now I go elsewhere if I want the latest news.

  10. dook says:

    @Nidhi, I would be open to suggestions. It’s possible the competition could have continued, but I didn’t want to face a competition with only one person entering. I can’t force people to compete, and I don’t know how to make them want to. We can continue to have a monthly calendar, but without the competition part.

    • Jerry says:

      hey Dook, I humbly suggest that while you still honor fan-made calendars, you might want to offer people some pre-made calendars, monthly, and open for voting, if the voters’ number is acceptable to you. Anyhow I appreciate the wonderful outcome produced by this incredible fan site.

      • dook says:

        Do you mean calendars I just find on the web? There are still enough voters for the competition, and voter participation is an important part of all this, but I think the other important part is that the calendars are fan-made. I don’t know that people would still vote if I just put up calendars I find elsewhere. And the people who created them might not appreciate it either. Thank you for the suggestion though.

        • Jerry says:

          oh, totally agree fan-made is important 😀

          So, how about sending invitation e-mails to remind voters to participate, fans’ own creations are great, but also giving some hints like the theme of the month, the book of the month, Emma’s project of the month,… I do think the voters are happy to participate, at least I do XD Anyway what help would you need, that I might in any possible way to give a hand?

  11. dook says:

    @Iris, I do too. I know the site isn’t that quick with news anymore, but it is mostly just me running the site now for quite some time. I haven’t had much luck finding people who want to help.

  12. Jia says:

    I’m so sad, it made me cry! 🙁
    This competition has been so close to my heart..

    Thank you Dook, for all your efforts and hard work you put up here.

  13. Thessalie says:

    Woww wow wow……… Didn’t see that coming 🙁
    I feel a bit guilty, i didn’t vote last month.

  14. Thessalie says:

    Mmh quick idea : if the voters are still here, can we create like a “fan art competition” for the 15th, + keep the calendar on the 1rst ?
    Maybe some fans would be glad to produce a little something now and then, and we could have each month a theme (portrait, hermione, short hair, avatar, on’t know…). This website could be “known” for the competition maybe ^^

    • dook says:

      The voters are still here, the problem is there aren’t enough people making the graphics anymore. I don’t know, maybe it is just that people are tired of making calendars and would have more interest in doing something else, but really I think there are less people doing graphics, at least of Emma.

  15. Thessalie says:

    Let’s face a fact : Emma has been low profile this year as she is taking a gap year. That doesn’t help !
    Colonia was released : low profile movie. We have B&tB and The Circle coming, but we only get the teasers for 2017, she’s not promoting.

    Maybe the website could add the twitter posts Emma shares ? That would make the website attractive for those who don’t have Twitter.

    • dook says:

      I guess I could retweet some of Emma’s twitter posts, and they would show on the sidebar. That may be useful for people without twitter.

  16. Phillip says:

    Well at least it was fun while it lasted……

  17. Oksana says:

    What if we keep doing the competition once a year (with calendars for whole the year)?
    I mean, we love this site! We love this calendar thing. We love Emma. It is just the fact that we don’t enter that often. Maybe we could do it like a tradition, once a year.

    • dook says:

      That’s an interesting suggestion, but I think once a year would be too long. With it every month it keeps it in people’s minds, keeps them participating. If it was once a year I think people would forget about it. And if we did a whole year at once, well, I know that would be more calendars than I would want to look through and vote on all at once. Maybe every other month, with the alternate months a calendar is made by site staff or by inviting past winners to make a calendar?

  18. Mara says:

    Thank you for ten amazing years of ideas and creativity.
    I always wanted to make one calendar, but time flies too fast and I often you had’nt enough:(
    All of you who created one you did an unbelieveable Job!<3
    And the voters too, the decision between the calendars was sometimes really really hard.
    It will be missed every month.



  20. Ross Taggart says:

    I have just discovered your site. Shameful I know but looking forward to contributioning.

  21. suraj patra says:

    Best Callander ever