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About people posing as her on the Internet (2007): "I have got fakes on Facebook, Bebo, MySpace - the lot - and it's quite annoying. I can't understand why people put themselves on there. Some of the pictures that they put up of themselves make them vulnerable because anyone can see. I think the Internet is very scary."

Happy 28th Birthday Emma!

Click on the image above to view the birthday card in PDF format, then check out the videos below.


Birthday card from Arvin



Dear Emma, I wish you a wonderful birthday and a great year. With my flute I play specially for you „Double Trouble“. Kisses & hugs! Rahel (12 years) from Berlin



Music video from Sebastian Muriel



Music video from Sourav Deb



Birthday wishes from members of DoubleDash, a group of intersectional feminist and OurSharedShelf enthusiasts.


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10 Responses to “Happy 28th Birthday Emma!”

  1. elena says:


  2. Ashley says:

    Happy birthday Emma Watson love you you are my favorite actress in Beauty and the Beast 2017, Ballet Shoes, and Harry Potter movies you did awesome playing Belle and Hermione Granger I hopefully you still acting I really want to meet you as person

  3. Nadine Gaela says:

    Happiest 28th Birthday, Emma!!! Thank you for being a part of my childhood. I love you from the start. I wish you all the best. i wish you’ll visit Philippines soon because i want to see youuu!!! Take care always, Emma! I love you ALWAYS!!!

  4. Nadine Gaela says:

    Happy Birthday, Emma!!! Thank you for being a big part of my childhood. Thank you for making my childhood amazing and magical. Thank you for being a such great model to us youth. I always wish you the best. Take care always and God Bless! I love you from the start, i love you always!!!

  5. Sumer says:

    I wish you the greatest Happy birthday Emma watson. Thank for giving so much joy when watching your movies, you probably to me are one of the best actresses in the world.Hopefully one day I will get to meet you. Take care always, Emma!. I love you always!!!

  6. Phillip says:

    Happy Birthday Princess Emma!!! You are a gorgeous woman with a gorgeous smile! Athleticism, popularity, and intelligence is what I love about u! May this birthday be a prosperous one for you and in the years to come as well!!!! Thank u for being such a special blessing in my life!!!! You’re incredible!!! Much love to u from Agent Phil!!!!

  7. Happy birthday …@

  8. 司傲寒 says:

    happybrithday EMMA

  9. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday

  10. Alba and Lucas says:

    Dear Emma, we are a girl (9)and a Boy (10) from Spain. We really love you and we would like to have two pictures from you so much. ❤ Thank you very much for teaching us to be better persons.