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About her favourite artists: "My favourite artists are Euan Uglow, Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and Jenny Saville. I love Tim Walker's photographs... I want to live in a Tim Walker photograph!" (2009)

Emma’s 28th Birthday!

Emma’s 28th birthday is coming up soon. Every year creates a birthday project as a way for fans to show their support for Emma. This is our 13th year! Let’s make it a good one.

You can send in birthday messages, art work, poems, stories, photos, or anything else you can think of to say Happy Birthday. We’ll try to include everything. The finished birthday card will be posted online.

Emma’s 28th Birthday Project


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37 Responses to “Emma’s 28th Birthday!”

  1. Damiano says:

    Tanti auguri Emma Watson!! Happy !!! Felidad mas!!! Hermione is growing up as belle in we are infinite…✋

  2. Molly sharrock says:

    I absolutely adore you Emma and I’m one of your biggest fans. You are my idol and I love you so much and my dream is to meet you. You do amazing in everything you do like all the movies and you would be amazing at writing a book. My dream one day is to meet you Emma and I just love you so so so so so so so much ❤️❤️

  3. Saneaah says:

    I love you so much Emma❤❤❤
    You are the most wonderful,amazing,gorgeous and awesome person i’ve ever known❤❤

  4. Krystal Bunce says:

    Happy birthday Emma. I wish you all the joy, happiness and your dreams coming true for the next year and always. Your work with feminism, the marginalized and opening narratives has changed my life. Its helped give me a voice. Thank you.

  5. Zarina Goundar says:

    Happy birthday Emma you are a great role model and i hope that you continue your great work for many years.

  6. Leslie CB says:

    Congratulations Emma! You are a great actress and I am proud of you. I wish I could get to know you one day. Have a great day! I send you my prayers to give thanks to God for the gift of your life and so that you continue spreading good all over the world. I also send you a birthday hug.

  7. Berfin D. says:

    hi emma!omg you’re 28!this so nice :)) you are my idol and i love you so much i hope everything fine
    xoxo -berfin

  8. Berfin D. says:


  9. Joseph Huq says:

    Happy Happy Day to a very special lady! To this and many more. Luv Joe

  10. Abdul Bari says:

    Love you Watson
    Send you my best wishes, and hope many returns of this day
    Thanks for making my whole life better
    With lots of love from Kabul, Afghanistan

  11. SK says:

    Hi emma. You are one of the characters who influenced my childhood. From the very begining, Hermione was my most favourite role in the harry potter series. Thanks for being such a supportive role.
    and last but not the least, wish you a very beautiful happy Birthday.

  12. Anonymous says:

    greeting,well done!this is fantastic

  13. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday Emma☺

  14. Surabhi Rashi says:

    Hap… Hap…. Happy birthday Emma as we share the same birth year. Stay blessed and become more famous and beautiful.
    You are the beautiful part of my childhood memories (Harry Potter).
    Loads of love and blessing from INDIA……

  15. Ashley says:

    Happy birthday Emma Watson love you God bless you hopefully you still acting I really want to meet you because you are my favorite actress in Beauty and the Beast 2017 playing Belle because I love that movie

  16. Anonymous says:

    next step emma,next step

  17. Anonymous says:

    you are a cosmopolite stand out
    great job

  18. Anonymous says:

    God is looker on

  19. Anonymous says:

    At《15:00 in zone《H7》

  20. Goddess Watson
    On every full moon, rituals take place on hilltops, beaches, in open fields and in ordinary houses. Writers, teachers, nurses, computer programmers, artists, lawyers, poets, plumbers, and auto mechanics — women and men from many backgrounds come together to celebrate the mysteries of the Triple Goddess of the Dance of Life. The religion they practice is called Witchcraft. Have a wonderful birthday happy birthday Watson

  21. Anonymous says:

    Advance happy birthday

  22. Henry says:

    Advance happy birthday! miss emma watson

  23. Bill Taylor says:

    Happy Birthday Emma,
    Hope you get to enjoy the day just for yourself, you deserve it.
    Keep being you.

  24. Cymah says:

    Happy birthday Emma. You’ve been my inspiration ever since I saw the first Harry Potter. You inspire me to follow my dreams of acting. Have a great 28th!

  25. Yes,
    15 April 1990
    Happy 28’th birthday
    Yeah, hugs and kisses

  26. Alyssa says:

    Happy birthday you are my Idol

  27. Jagtar Mann says:

    Heartiest congratulations on your 28 th Birthday .May God bless you with everything in the world .we pray for your excellent career ahead ..only great people do charity other almost zero .Amitabh Bachan does the least and earns maximum see your charity is hoing in right hands ..

  28. Brody Fisher says:

    Happy Happy 28th Birthday to one of the most amazing woman on Earth. Everyday you are changing someones life. And In a way, I feel like I know you through everything you do for the world. Your sweet, kind, caring, and a very BEAUTIFUL person on the inside and out. One day I really hope to meet you. Even if its talking to you on email or something. I really want to meet you. Thank You for everything that you do. You are one of my favorite people in the world. I adore you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

  29. 司傲寒 says:

    In china ,some minutes later,you’ll have your brithday, emma.Wish you a happiest year in your twenty-eight. Wish you meet your true love.Wish your idea of gender equality accept by more people.Wish you a success in the speeches u’ll make in the UN…
    U r the best woman in my mind,no one can replace u.And thank you for all the things u’ve done to the world ,which affected me a lot and made me achieve better.So,by the way ,my dream is to be a friend with u.And believe me,i’ll spare no effort to chase it.…
    in the end,HAPPYHAPPYBIRTHDAY to the beautiful EMMA.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday in advance @emmawatson

  31. Fan says:

    Feliz Cumpleaños.
    Señorita Charlotte Duerren.
    Es para mi un gusto personal muy grande saber que llega usted a la plenitud de la juventud.
    Es mi deseo que disfrute de la vida, de las alegrías, de las tristezas, pero mas que todo que disfrute del Amor, ese Amor que todos los seres humanos merecemos que nos da vida y nos hace crear y disfrutar locuras.
    ¡¡¡Feliz cumpleaños!!!
    Disfrute los cielos de este mundo,
    Disfrute los paraísos de esta tierra,
    Pero es mi deseo que disfrute siempre los placeres del alma, porque un alma hermosa merece lo mejor de lo mejor.

  32. Sean says:

    Hey, Emma! I hope you are doing well so far and I wanted to wish you a happy 28th birthday! 😀

  33. Linda says:

    Happy Birthday Emma!! I hope you have a great day!!!

  34. Kitty says:

    Emma Happy birthday! Been a fan of you for years! Admire and support what you are doing 🙂 want to see you more in a theatre though haha

  35. Keqi Chang says:

    Hi,Emma. I come from China and I just 14 years old.I REALLY HOPE that you can come to China again.And Happy Birthday!The hope is that the “HeForShe” organization will allow more regions to achieve gender equality. In my school, there is a community called the model United Nations, and I and my partners have been discussing ways to solve the problem and have written a draft resolution.✨

  36. Francesca says:

    Happy a nice and a sweet birthday, dear Emma, from a your far far away fan..
    Francesca from Sicily 🙂

  37. Joshua Huerta says:

    still young at 28, Emma! i just love you and seeing your kitty cute face everywhere! happy birthday!