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About NYC (2009):"I probably wouldn't have gone to New York so young if it weren't for the films. I was 11, and I remember it distinctly because it was just after 9/11. I was at ground zero, looking at this gallery that had messages and drawings all over the walls. I remember one of the producers gave this great speech while we were there, saying that maybe the reason Harry Potter was so successful, particularly then, was because people really wanted to be uplifted or taken to another place."

October Calendar

Our October calendar is from Umut.


And honorable mention goes to Elena


If you would like to send in calendars I will post them on the site and select one as our calendar of the month. The size of the calendar should be 1024×768 or larger. Widescreen is also allowed. Calendars should be in a common graphics format such as jpg, tiff, gif or png. Please include the text “”. It should be mostly original work, and images used should be respectful of Emma’s privacy. Send them to before the last day of the month.


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18 Responses to “October Calendar”

  1. Harald the Sage says:

    Where did this “rather strange” photo come from?

  2. Ashley says:

    That picture doesn’t scare me Emma Watson next I am dressing up like Hermoine Granger as mudblood or from Yule ball in goblet of fire

  3. Aida says:

    I love you Emma
    I’m your big fan in Iran . You have a lot of fan there

    Sorry my English is not very well

  4. Aida says:

    If you like Harry Potter movies you can come to this website
    It’s a very good Iranian website that you can visit it

  5. Hp says:

    Ashley … Where are you from

  6. Ashley says:

    Roanoke Texas

  7. Hp says:

    Oh Texas … So you can speak English well…
    I live in mashhad . it is in Iran .
    How old are you ?

  8. Hp says:

    I have never talked to a foreign person
    I Will be very happy if you answer me Ashley

  9. Taylor Swift says:

    Just Taylor Swift
    She’s best

  10. المیرا says:

    ? سلام کسی می‌تونه بگه طراح رسمی این سایت کیه
    Hello .
    anyone can tell who is the official designer of this site ?

  11. Hp says:

    همه مون دوستت داریم اما واتسون

  12. Hp says:

    Mice to meet you Ashley
    I’m 24 years old

  13. Aida says:

    Emma Watson is my favorite actor
    I hope the best thing for her

  14. Ian says:

    Can’t believe you haven’t mentioned her in Little Women yet! I had no idea this was even happening…

    • dook says:

      It has been mentioned a number of times on our twitter and facebook. But you’re right, it should be here also.