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About David Yates directing OotP (2007): "He was perfect for this. I don't know if he could have directed any of the other ones. This was his story to tell. He's quiet, thoughtful, sensitive. Mike (Newell, director of Goblet of Fire) would sit in his chair and yell at us, or stand up and just be very loud and British. Whereas David will think for a bit, he'll come over, speak a few words, keep it to a minimum. The thing that always comes up with David is finding truth in the characters, truth in the performance, make it real."

Emma in Little Women

Emma Watson is starring in a new film adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s novel Little Women. Meryl Streep, Timothee ChalĂ©et, Laura Dern and Saoirse Ronan will also star. Filming began last week in Boston and will continue through December in Boston, Ipswich, and Lawrence with a release date December of 2019.

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  1. Ian says:


  2. Ashley says:

    I like your costume Emma Watson I can wait to watch it next year I read little women from library I hope you do great play Meg

  3. Susang bhatt says:

    Waiting for December 2019 but is this movie release in India?

  4. Aida says:

    I can’t wait to watch it next year

  5. Jacob says:

    To Ashley:
    If you curse Elmar again, I will kill you.

    • dook says:

      Someone thought it would be funny to pretend to be different people and argue. I’ve deleted those comments.

      @Jacob, that was not Ashley who comments here regularly, just a pretender. The comments that were made were quite rude, but do not threaten anyone.

  6. Aida says:

    Excuse me. I just want to know why you delete my comment ?

  7. Aida says:

    I want to say something so please don’t delete my comment .
    The Ashley was my sister that she use my Email to write a comment
    When I known this theorem I got too angry
    So please Please forgive me
    I’m so sorry